WHAT'S A LIVE mirror meditation EVENT LIKE?

Mirror Meditation workshops are designed to teach you a mirror-based meditation to develop kinder self-awareness, reduce stress, and increase self-compassion. In a supportive and interactive group setting, Tara will show you how to release your inner critic and false images, and deepen your authentic presence with compassion and self-acceptance. You’ll learn about the research findings from psychology and neuroscience on self-perception and how it relates to the development empathy, self-compassion, and emotional resilience. You’ll do guided mirror meditations, partner exercises, and group sharing. There is time for Q and A and discussion of how to integrate mirror meditation into your daily self-care and contemplative practice. Come as you are. Leave feeling relaxed, loved, seen, and clear.


“I’m leaving here with a renewed sense of optimism about myself, my abilities, and learning to love myself for who I am. Thank you for this powerfully-emotional experience.”

“The workshop helped me to feel more in the present and have more approval of myself.”

“I’m leaving with an increased willingness to be seen by another.”

“I did not know what to expect going in but I found that I really enjoyed looking at myself. I viewed myself as a friend and was actually very comfortable seeing myself. I was aware of my flaws but they did not elicit the same negative emotions like they normally do.”


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